Natural resources in Indonesia is all natural potential can be developed for the production process. Natural resources is all natural objects, either in the form of life or property that is in the earth and can be used to meet human needs.

The process of the formation of natural resources in Indonesia is caused by various factors, among others:

  1. By astronomical, Indonesia is located in the tropical places with high rainfall causes of various types of plants can grow fast. Therefore, Indonesia is rich in various types of plants.
  2. In geology, Indonesia is located on the tectonik point movement of plates and cause the formation of a young mountain range of mineral resources potential to be used.
  3. Regional seas in Indonesia contain various resources, vegetable, animal, and minerals among other fish, seaweed, pearl and mineral oil.

Distribution of Natural Resources Biological consists of the natural resources of animal and vegetable spread in forest and the sea, other than a broad, Indonesia has a plantation and agriculture spread in almost all of Indonesia.

The amount and quality of natural resources and huge spread in various areas in Indonesia, besides the quality is very good so it can be exported in various countries so that countries can meet the indonesian foreign exchange.

Type of natural resources exported as petroleum, natural gas and other mineral and agricultural products, plantations, livestock, fisheries, and tourism industry besides the results can also be exported abroad.

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